Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Selling un-finished customs

Hey everyone

I just want to put up a post about interest in customs I haven't yet finished. I have 4 to complete. I don't really want to sell them but means is a most at the moment. Not only that I haven't had much of my own time to complete things for myself. So what better to ask my fellow freaks?
Please note no of these are finished, however if someone interested I will complete them.

First up:

My custom Ed Norton Fight Club Custom.
Rainman head painted by myself.
TTL costume.
Body with 4 hands 1x with Scar
Greggos Fight Club Accessory set.
Complete House diorama with stacks of books designed and customised by Greggo.


The picture below is a prototype. Not final!

2: Bruised Rainman Fight Club.
Rainman head painted by myself.
Rainman costume
Body with 2 hands
Office Chair.


3: Leon
Dragon head painted by myself
Prefection Killer costume and accessories
Weathered and completed by myself.
Any spec you want I will complete too.


4: Die Hard
Sunhoc Die Hard head painted by myself
Comedian Body weathered by myself.
Any spec you want I will complete too.


If anyone is interested please let me know. I would rather finish them all and give them to someone who will love to own these.

Thank You



  1. hey bud, you do some good work my friend. my head painting is pretty crappy

  2. Can we we get pictures of these customs?