Monday, 31 January 2011

Firefly Painted Heads

Hey Everyone

I just want to say a big Thank you to all of you following my blog. Im over the moon how many orders and commissions work. I'm getting from you all. Anyway I have had the pleasure of painting some of Trevor Groves fantastic Firefly sculpts. They are just beautiful. Below you will see Hoban "Wash" Washburne, Kaylee and Inara Enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Greggo's Painting Tutorial

Welcome to my step by step painting guide. This is the method I use to re paint or paint 1:6 Scale heads. You can use this method with Resin, PVC or Plastic heads. The paints I use are Citadel Gamesworkshop paints.

Step 1: I remove all the factory paint by using cellulose thinner, using a cotton ear bud I slowly remove the paint. 
For a resin head I will give it a spray coat of skull white or a brown spray paint for darker skin.

Step 2: I now use a Foundation paint called Tallern Flesh I water it down to. 1 Part Paint to 2 parts water. You may have to repeat this process 2 to 3 times to get the coat perfect. By doing this you wont get any brush marks.

Step 3: Washes. I add Baal Red wash to both sides of the Nose, around the hair line, to the inner ear, on the cheeks and to the lips and in the eyes. Next Thraka Green wash is added under the brow and on the stubble. The final wash is Asurmen Blue which again is added to stubble and under the brow. Ogryn Flesh is added into nostrils

Step 4: At this point you may want to spray the whole head with a Matt Varnish, I use Purity Seal. Its now time to knock some of the washes back. For this I use Dwarf Flesh mixed with a little Tallern Flesh watered down to 1 part paint to 2 parts water. Then using Dwarf flesh on its own watered down to 1 part paint to 2 parts water.
If the Character has a beard you will want to start adding either Devlan Mud wash or Ogryn Flesh wash at this point.
Finally you will add Elf Flesh Watered down to 1 part paint to 2 parts water.
After you have done the final wash of Elf flesh its time to start adding the details. For this I use Ogryn Flesh wash, add this to the creases of the skin, and softy around the eyes, this will bring the details out of the sculpt.

Step 5: Add skull white to the eyes. leaving a little of the red showing around the shape of the eye, but make sure the red is not to strong, unless you want the sculpt to look tired.

Step 6: Creating a Beard or a Buzz Cut look. For this i use layer upon layer of Devlan Mud wash and Badab Black, this way it still shows the skin colour underneath the hair. This worked better than painting it dark to start with then knocking it back.

Step 7: Creating eyebrows again for this depending on the colour I will only use layer upon layer of Devlan Mud wash, Ogryn Flesh and Badab Black, This makes the Eye brows look softer.

Step 8: The Eyes. Depending on the Colour you need the eyes to be the same thing applies. First add Chaos Black to create the Iris of the eye. For this figure my next colour would be Shadow grey, I paint a smaller circle leaving a slight black outline around the whole Iris. Than add Skull white to your colour roughly 2 parts of your colour to one part skull white. Paint a C-shape at the bottom part of the Iris. Now add 1 part of your colour to 2 parts Skull white paint a slightly thinner C-shape add the bottom of the Iris. Finally add a small circle creating the pupil using Chaos Black.

Step 9: Now add a light drybrush of Elf flesh to the brow the nose, around the sides of the temple and eye sockets by the cheeks and around the ears.

Step 10: Camo paint. To create this I use washes layer by layer first layer Ogryn Flesh followed by Devlan Mud, Thraka Green with a little Gryphonne Sepia. Again at this stage you might want to Spray the Matt Varnish to seal the paint to the sculpt.

Step 11: The hair. There are many ways to paint hair depending on the colour of it! The main point you need to think about is look at the darkest colour of the hair and start there, each stage make it lighter and lighter with a series of drybrushing.
Finally add Gloss Varnish to the eyes at least 3 coats. Lips 1 coat.
So there you have it a complete 1:6 head.

I hope this helps you out, any questions please feel free to ask me! Im always happy to help out! Happy Painting!


Sideshow Indiana Jones Repaints

I have just finished repaints of the sideshow Indiana Jones 1:6 Scale figure. I must say that the sculptor Trevor Grove has done an amazing likeness, but due to the poor factory paint job you cant tell how fantastic this sculpt is. Enjoy......

Left Factory Paint Job. Right my Paint Job.

Left Factory Paint Job. Right my Paint Job.

The finished 2 heads Together.

Coming soon Firefly 1:6 heads.